Apartment Sales Objectives

My Objective is to Help You! My Knowledge plus My Experience = Your Success. I offer you assistance in making a profitable investment in Apartment Project ownership.

It is generally recognized that there is an important separation between the listing and the closing of real estate sales. Each party is encouraged to find their own representative who will work exclusively for you in making a successfully investment. We are experienced in representing both sides of a transaction.

Apartment Real Estate Services – Corpus Christi, Texas

Do you want to Buy an Apartment Complex? PLEASE CALL ME.  Generally, the Listing Broker will cooperate with the Broker representing the Buyer and I can represent you exclusively thereby providing the maximum data about what you are buying.  We know the local officials and have continuing data about rents and occupancies.

Do you want to Sell an Apartment Compex?  PLEASE CALL ME.  We are members of the Coastal Bend MLS.  We have Buyers interested now in purchasing Apartments. We reach out to National Clients. We will work closely with other licensed brokers local, state and nationwide.

Please view our qualification page further in this presentation.

    • Appraise – over 50 years experience
    • Help Buy Condos
    • Help Buy Commercial Property  – built, leased and sold Investments
    • Help Buy Development Land – experience in residential sub-dividing
    • Consult 
    • “Reserve Studies” – help Condominium Boards of Directors)
    • Receiver – help the Courts adjudicate fair proceedings

We represent the A, B, Cs of Real Estate.

Our total services include:

  • Appraiser
  • Broker
  • Consultant

Apartment Real Estate Broker obligations:

  • Buyers Agent (loyalty to the Buyer)
  • Sellers Agent (loyalty to the Seller)
  • Intermediary (splits loyalty between Buyer and Seller)



Contact Mr. Apartment Guy.  He can Help You.

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